ACI Protection Testimonials

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ACI Protection Testimonials

"I saved thousands of dollars! After installing cameras and access control on my premises, I was able to reduce staffing of my security personnel to zero. This allowed me to save not only in salaries, but also in full time employee benefit costs. The virtual guard tours are better than being on site, because you can see various areas at one time. The service and equipment is technologically advanced and cutting edge...thanks for helping to streamline my security in a quick and efficient manner."

-Safety Management Systems

"With ACI Protection, my family has complete peace of mind knowing that we will be alerted if anyone comes on our property. We have been thoroughly impressed with the effectiveness of the VideoDefender system. We have full perimeter protection and controlled video gate access which is a level of protection that we could not get anywhere else."

-Dublin, Ohio

"I LOVE the security system, I feel as though I have my own security guard, they have called numerous times when I was away to let me know that there was a car in my driveway and to be certain that the person was supposed to be there. It is awesome, you have a winner with this one! Thank you soooooooo much!!!"

-West Palm, Florida

"I am away from my home often due to business travel. Knowing that anyone approaching my home will be alerted that they are being watched and monitored by ACI Protection and that any suspicious activity will be dealt with before a break-in occurs is a major reason why I chose ACI Protection. I also use ACI Protection for my business. We were having a break-in problem with our service vehicles parked in our front parking lot. Once we installed the VideoDefender system, the break-ins completely stopped. I am very happy that my family, my home and my business are protected by ACI Protection."

-Burbank, CA